How to get to Casa de Estrellas

98, Fuente del Conde, Iznajar, Cordoba Province.
Post Code 14970 ~ Approx 55mins from Malaga Airport)

From the airport follow the E15/N34 signs towards Malaga, after going straight on at the roundabout you need to be in the left hand lane.

You should at this point have the San Miguel brewery on your right. 

Just after the road rises it bends to the right, this will take you onto a motorway, after a short while leave this road at the exit sign for ANTEQUERA and MOTRIL. 

Follow this road round to the left and join the motorway to ALMERIA,CORDOBA, & SEVILLE (get into the middle lane, this will avoid a lot of traffic in the slow lane, which can be stationary quite often) It will also position you correctly for when you come out of the tunnel.

Take the exit no 241 for the A45 CORDOBA,GRANADA, & SEVILLE.

You will now be heading inland and stay on the A45.

After passing Casabermeja continue to follow CORDOBA,GRANADA and SEVILLE up to exit no 114 where you take the right slip onto the A92m now following GRANADA ONLY.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, exit at number 1 for Salinas, Villanueva de Tapia A333 (bear in mind junction numbers are not sequential, e.g. if you are at Jct 7 you have 6km to get to Jct 1), this road takes you under the motorway, after the road rises ** and bends to the right you will reach a T-junction where you take a left turn to Iznajar.

Keep following this road heading towards Villanueva de Tapia and Iznajar.

Once you go past Tapia you will see a  sign for cordoba province on route (look for the 55km sign)and then take the first turning on your right to Loja (A328)(Fuente Del Conde,Las Chozas) NOTE: if you pass a BP station on your left, you have passed this turning.

After approx 2.6kms the road climbs and you will see the village of Fuente Del Conde.

As you approach the village there are 2 small white speed bumps. Immediately after the speed bumps turn right at the church (& dustbins). At first it looks as if you are going through somebodys garden but keep going all the way to the top, keeping left at all junctions.

I have copied some pictures on the right that might familiarize you with the last bit of the journey, once you have turned at the church.

** Please note that this is where you will come back to if you wish to go to the Mercadona Supermarket in Archidona.

After turning right at the Church, its uphill to the house directions1copydirections2copydirections3copydirections4copy